Boundary Road, Schofields

Land Development

Client: Elite International Developments
Status: Construction

“Engaged for Engineering Design and Project Management

The development involves the clearing of an existing rural residential property and construction of a new residential development comprising 41 residential lots and associated road and drainage infrastructure. The site forms part of the Riverstone East Growth Centre Precinct and provides temporary access off the existing Uma Street, with allowance for the future extension of Hambledon Road.

Diversi are engaged to provide both engineering design and project management services, including bulk earthworks grading, road design, stormwater drainage, on-site detention design, water sensitive urban design and managing the design of utility services. Diversi are also responsible for co-ordination with adjoining developments and consultants as well as authority approvals (including DA and CC), tendering and construction management.

The development considers a number of competing constraints, including the future road and drainage infrastructure within the surrounding developments. Importantly, the proposed stormwater infrastructure of the site is designed to discharge to the downstream First Ponds Creek, while also allowing for connections from the future Hambledon Road extension.