Box Hill Retail


Client: Mogul Stud
Status: Awaiting Approval

The proposed development involves the construction of a new large retail centre with private road and carparking facilities.

Diversi were engaged to undertake the concept design works to support a DA submission to The Hills Shire Council.  These DA concept design works included sediment and erosion control, site grading, bulk earthworks grading, road design, carpark design, stormwater drainage and water sensitive urban design.

A Stormwater Management Strategy was undertaken to support the proposed retail centre which included a ‘treatment train’ of water quality devices including Rainwater Tanks, Pit Inserts, Bioswales and Jellyfish.

One of the major site constraints included the design of a major trunk piped system which enters the site from a large upstream catchment.

Hydrological modelling was undertaken within DRAINS software to design the trunk piped system to convey the 1% AEP flood.  Provision was then also made to include an emergency overland flowpath alongside the carpark (in case of blockage).