Lachlan’s Line, Macquarie Park

Land Development & Infrastructure

Client: Christie Civil (for Landcom) & Daracon Arenco
Status: Subdivision Completed 2016, Footbridge completed 2020

“Integrating stormwater with urban developments

This 12ha mixed-use and high-density residential development required design for the retail precinct, 2000 apartments, central parkland and road/services infrastructure.

The works included bulk earthworks, road works (site roads and external intersections), stormwater drainage and retaining walls across the entire site. In addition, the stormwater drainage included an extensive system of raingardens and modifications to the trunk drainage. The trunk drainage comprise the construction of three (3) large box culverts and a large entry pit to collect and convey the upstream flows and flooding. The works also involved the reconstruction realignment of the natural watercourse downstream with rock lining.

Diversi was engaged to undertake the detail design of civil works for the subdivision and for the culverts/creek reconstruction works along with the coordination/assessment of the flood study and model.

As part of the residential development at Lachlan’s Line, major roadworks were required at the intersection of Wicks and Waterloo Roads Macquarie Park. The works included lifting the intersection to minimise flooding, major upgrade to the drainage system, relocation of services and new traffic signals. Diversi was engaged for the civil design for all roadworks including, pavements and stormwater drainage.

Diversi was then later engaged by Daracon Arenco to assist with the delivery of the Lachlan’s Line footbridge. This scope included the finalising of civil and stormwater documentation for the bridge abutments beyond to ensure works are delivered correctly.