Leppington Precinct Rezoning Announced

Leppington Rezoning Announced

NSW Planning, Industry & Environment has announced the Leppington Precincts stage 2 and 5 rezoning.

This will facilitate the development of a new community with walkable access to sports fields, community services, schools, and other open space. The proposed Leppington Precinct residents will also be able to enjoy the 7.6ha Leppington Park, that is located just outside the precinct.

You can read the press release about the new rezoning here

The rezoning means that up to 2,400 new homes (1900 in stage 2 and 500 in stage 5) will be available in the Leppington Precinct. The rezoning also:

  • Sets aside land for a new school
  • Provides for 8.32ha of local open space to the delivered over time
  • Identifies 23.18ha of land to be set aside for other infrastructure purposes

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