Approved Contractor for the Local Government Procurement

Proud Announcement

The team and Diversi Consulting are proud to announce we are an approved contractor for the Local Government Procurement (LGP). This title means we proudly represent a business relationship between the LGP and appointed suppliers, for both local governments and contract work.
The LGP approves contractors onto their panel that they identify as a benefit to local government.


Experience with Local Government

The Diversi Consulting team members have a great deal of experience working with local governments and understand the challenges that local government organisations face. We have worked on local and arterial road works, public parks, sporting fields, storm water design and waste management facilities. Because we understand the inner workings that go into making decisions within local government, we’re confident we can help Councils achieve their project goals.


Why Local Government Procurement?

To make it simple for Councils to take advantage of our experience and range of services, in 2021 we undertook application and assessment to become an approved contractor with Local Government Procurement (LGP). While being appointed an LGP approved contractor was not easy task, we felt it was important as it would make it easier for local Councils to be aware of and engage with our services.

Diversi Consulting was approved to join the panel after it was determined that our business was viable for both market and local government input.

This included a rigorous process of ensuring that Diversi Consulting complies with the Act and Regulation policies and an open market period. Following this, there was a comprehensive evaluation of access to resources, expertise, compliance, and capability to complete projects.
Becoming an approved contractor on the LGP panel also included a review of insurances, licenses, accreditations, and financial due diligence reports.


Want more Information?

If you would like more information on how Diversi Consulting can help your Council and projects, we would love to discuss with you further. Just call us on (02) 8883 1113 or contact us.